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Highlighters are very popular study tools. However, you should know that highlighting your notes and textbooks alone isn't a very effective study method. If you want to use your highlighters and ensure that you're learning as much as you can while you do, follow the tips below to use them correctly.

How to Study with a Highlighter

  1. For starters, you should employ different colors. This way, you can designate a colored highlight for each type of information (e.g., pink highlighter for dates), which will help you have a better retention and recollection of said information.
  2. It's not uncommon for students to doodle or take notes when they're studying. However, you should avoid doing so with your highlighter. This will only distract you from the important information, so only use your highlighters to highlight.
  3. What and how much you highlight is also very crucial, which is why you should be critical with your highlighting. This is because highlighting everything can confuse you when you study. To avoid this, only highlight after you've read the text once or twice, and know what information you should emphasize.
  4. Last but not least, don't rely on your highlighters alone to study. It's best if you think of your highlighter as a study aid, not a study method. This means that you can use it, for example, when you're taking notes of the information on your textbook.

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